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What Happened in Vegas

Well, I’m back from the city of sin. I actually returned on Thursday, but with the time change, I had spent 8 hours traveling. I attempted to write a post that day, but all I was capable of typing was … Continue reading

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An Introvert’s Worst Nightmare

This week concluded my summer internship working at a nonprofit green innovation company. I’m happy to be done with it because I wasn’t a big fan of being stuck in an office on a computer 80% of the time. However, … Continue reading

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Blind Rage

**This post contains profanity and shameless whining** I wanted to write a nice post today about utopias, looking at past attempts at creating a secular, pristine society for a group of people, as well as the potential for such a … Continue reading

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The Wonders and Joys of Pantheism

  I think I put off the inevitable topic of religion long enough. I absolutely love talking about religion with people who are willing to entertain ideas other than their own or at least look at the subject objectively. However, … Continue reading

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I Like You

A while ago, I was reading a really interesting blog post about something. I don’t remember what, but it was outside of my usual areas of interest, which at the time were food you can make in the microwave, cats, … Continue reading

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Making Me Beautiful

So I was reading a post someone wrote about the things girls do to get ready for dates and going out and such. It made me feel awkward. I’m not going to name the blog because my aim isn’t to … Continue reading

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