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My past is coming back for me

I would like to thank Franzia for fueling this post and forcing me to make a new category called “Drunk Rants” Right now, it’s Friday night, but you won’t be reading this until sometime Saturday afternoon probably because I already … Continue reading

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Family Picnics: The Seventh Circle of Hell

***I tried to keep this post from being an angry rant… I really did…. However, this one still contains mild profanity and shameless whining*** Let’s start off with the full disclosure that I am by no means a person that … Continue reading

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***Mild profanity, ranting, etc.*** It started out as just a tiny bump on my arm that I started scratching while watching Mad Max in 3D last Saturday. The next morning, the itch had spread, and the bump had multiplied, forming … Continue reading

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Sorry I’m Late

***This is an angry rant that contains profanity*** I made plans to meet a friend last Saturday to discuss some things that were bothering her. We decided to meet at 1:30 at a quiet, hipster coffee shop downtown. I powerwalk … Continue reading

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Sloths Make Everything Better

**This is long, angry rant with a little profanity** So I’ve been away for a while. I can tell because WordPress looks really different now, and it’s weird. I’m not sure if I have been missed or whether or not … Continue reading

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I might not be good enough

This is a sad rant. We start out our lives thinking we can do anything and we can be anything. Perhaps we even can be or do anything at this point. Our lives are clean slates, our destinies determined only … Continue reading

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Blind Rage

**This post contains profanity and shameless whining** I wanted to write a nice post today about utopias, looking at past attempts at creating a secular, pristine society for a group of people, as well as the potential for such a … Continue reading

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