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I am so F#*$&ing exhausted

So tired. So done. Last year, I had the energy and anger to argue with people, pull out facts, retort their misinformed comments, backhanded insults and racism, and keep coming back for more. I can’t do this anymore. I’m just … Continue reading

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The Abortion Post

If there were one politically conservative thing about me (which I hope there isn’t because I scrub extra hard in the shower to try to get it all off me), it would be my views on abortion. At least, what … Continue reading

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Anarchy, Anyone?

  I will admit that I have been a passive proponent of anarchy for a while now. I don’t advocate my beliefs or try to get others to “join the cause.” I don’t hand out buttons on the street or … Continue reading

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South, and a Little to the Left: A Shout-Out to Libertarianism

I just saw America’s favorite libertarian, Ron Swanson, live last weekend. He came to my area to do a healthy mixture of a comedy sketch and inspirational speech, which I thought was executed perfectly. Yes, I’m aware that Ron Swanson … Continue reading

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