This is a personal blog focused on issues that are important to me. In order to make sure that you get the best reading experience, I’ve listed below some of the content that frequently appears in my posts.

Profanity. This blog contains swear words, often times including the F-word. I used to include notes at the top of posts that had profanity to warn readers, but I no longer do that. My reasoning is that I swear a lot in person, and so it just naturally flows out in my writing. When I try to clean up my language and censor myself, it feels stilted and empty (probably because I don’t have a sophisticated enough vocabulary).

Political beliefs. I care deeply about social justice issues, and so I write about my opinions somewhat frequently. Although I identify as liberal, I don’t write for any party platform. I write what I personally believe, and I warmly welcome any disagreements and debates as long as they are respectful and constructive (but as a rule, anything goes in my angry rants, so feel free to spew anger in return in those posts).

Respect toward all identities and lifestyles. This is something that is incredibly important to me, but I recognize that I do come from a place of privilege and I still have a lot to learn. If something I say is offensive, incorrect, or doesn’t accurately represent the whole, please let me know so that I can fix it and do better in the future.

Self-acceptance and body positivity. This is another thing I care deeply about, and so I write about it a lot. Since this is a personal blog, I write mostly about my own experiences with it, and so, while I don’t attempt to represent all identities, body types, and conditions, I recognize that everyone is different and unique and that my experience is only one of many, many that are out there.

Mental health. I don’t talk to people in person about these things, and so I write about it often. However, I only talk about my own feelings and experiences and don’t intend to represent mental illnesses as a whole or provide guidance for those seeking treatment. If my shared experiences help others, I am happy about it, but I mainly write just to get it off of my chest.


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