Making Me Beautiful

This is totally not a picture of me when I woke up this morning

This is totally not a picture of me when I woke up this morning

So I was reading a post someone wrote about the things girls do to get ready for dates and going out and such. It made me feel awkward.

I’m not going to name the blog because my aim isn’t to embarrass the writer or anything. There are plenty of similar posts out there. Normally I wouldn’t think twice about someone else’s morning routine, but she kept saying that it was what all girls did. That bothered me a little, so this is my response. As a fair warning, you’ll probably be bored with this post because this is probably the most boring part of my day, and my days aren’t very exciting to begin with.

There are two scenarios as to how my day can begin. There’s the “wake up early” one and the “not wake up early” one. The “not wake up early” one still implies that I have to be somewhere that morning, but not until like nine-ish. If I don’t have to be anywhere at all in the morning, I don’t dress or get a shower and kind of just go with the sewer rat look until I get a sudden epiphany to make something of my life or I hear someone at the door.

On days where I have to wake up early, like before 7, I get a shower the night before. I only wash my hair once, unless it’s been two or more days since I showered. I don’t shave anything because who has time for that? I use CVS brand everything, unless I’m feeling fancy. Then I go with Treseme. I get out of the shower, floss, brush my teeth, and then go to bed with wet hair. This means that in the morning, my hair either has the sexy tousled look or the look where the right side is flat with an awkward dent and the left side is all over the place. To do my hair, I straighten my bangs and put in a teeny bit of hair gel (my hair tends to get incredibly greasy throughout the day, so the less the better). If the gel doesn’t make it presentable, it goes in a bun—I mean, an “updo.”

The only makeup I use is eyeliner and sometimes mascara if I’m again feeling fancy and don’t anticipate rubbing my eyes at all that day. This is actually not a result of my laziness, but a personal choice. For the past four or so years, I had been plagued with severe acne. I used heavy-duty foundation (the kind that women use to cover tattoos) on my face, along with powder, primer, concealer, and bronzer, just to hide the imperfections on my face. I went on a new medication for two months, and just this past February, my face started to clear up. As soon as I could go without makeup, I realized how liberating it felt, and it no longer seemed like I was hiding myself from the world. I vowed to never wear foundation ever again, unless I experienced another bad outbreak of acne.

The “not wake up early” routine is the same except I move my shower to the morning and leave the house with wet hair. This is usually a deplorable decision in the winter.

I always get out of bed at least an hour before I have to walk out the door. The rest of the time is spent drinking coffee, hanging with my cats, and studying.

The aforementioned writer concluded her post by telling menfolk to be sure to tell ladies they look pretty. You can tell me that, but my instruction for people reading this is to compliment other things at least just as often. Tell me how smart and funny I am. Tell me I’m brave and interesting. Tell me that my singing voice doesn’t make you want to shove a wrench in both your ears. Tell me things that suggest that you notice more about me than just my appearance.

After putting my personal hygiene into words, I’m not sure if I should be proud or embarrassed by it. Regardless, this is just another voice reiterating the versatility of beauty. We all have our own ways of making ourselves feel beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with any of them as long as they make you feel good (and don’t hurt others in the process).

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5 Responses to Making Me Beautiful

  1. I think morning routines are a product of how obsessive a person is. Some people (men and women do this, just in different ways) focus on everything about themselves, to the point of using tweezers to pull out an errant hair follicle. Others literally don’t care to the point of health issues.

    Your morning routine seems pretty straightforward and normal (at least from my perspective). So I advocate selecting the word “proud” when searching for a word to describe it. It means you’re well-adjusted, and you haven’t developed a debilitating psychosis about your appearance.


    • Iris says:

      Thanks for your feedback! I would say I am pretty proud of my routine as I have come a long way from high school, when I would slather on makeup, straighten my hair to a crisp, and shave my legs every other day. It’s so much less stressful now, and I have more time for other things. Let’s just hope I don’t get to the point of health issues…


  2. beverbeee says:

    sometimes i wake up 20 minutes before i have to leave, spray some dry shampoo on my hair, bang it up into a bun and then leave. those are the best days because i get more time in bed.

    Everyone is different & some girls don’t need to spend an hour every morning getting ready. your honesty made me smile. 🙂



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