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Crying Doesn’t Make You Weak

When I was little, I was that kid that would cry over everything. Any time I fell down, I cried. If someone yelled at me, I cried. If I was being told to do something that I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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Thursday Night Dinner

I had a panic attack last Thursday. It was the first one I’ve had since the beginning of April. I’m not doing anything this summer except hanging around at home, and so I don’t have nearly as much stress as … Continue reading

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We Need to Have Conversations about Mental Health

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment is to write a post expanding on a comment I left on another blogger’s post yesterday. I’ve been thinking about mental health a lot lately, and Annabelle wrote a fantastic post yesterday on her blog clouds … Continue reading

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I don’t want to do anything. (I don’t even want to write this.)

It seems like I’ve been going through cycles ever since being unleashed into the world on my own. One phase is what I like to call Super Villain Iris, where I get everything done plus some, I have fantastically profound … Continue reading

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It’s a beautiful Thursday afternoon here in Pennsylvania. Right now, it’s sixty-four degrees. It was sunny just an hour ago, but now there’s a light cloud cover. It’s perfect, though, because everything is still bright and I don’t have a … Continue reading

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My Dream

Hello, So it’s been a while. I have a habit of dropping out of society and hiding away when I get stressed or just sad, and that’s what happened this time. I’ve been visiting grad schools and there are some … Continue reading

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Looking Back at an Optimistic List I Made 3 Years Ago

Just now I stumbled upon a list I made in December 2012 of things I wanted to do. This is really exciting because I had completely forgotten making this list. It’s like looking back through an old time capsule. Let’s … Continue reading

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