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We Need to Have Conversations about Mental Health

Today’s Blogging 101 assignment is to write a post expanding on a comment I left on another blogger’s post yesterday. I’ve been thinking about mental health a lot lately, and Annabelle wrote a fantastic post yesterday on her blog clouds … Continue reading

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I feel like writing today, but I’m not really sure what to write about. It’s not that I’m out of topics because I have a sticky note with at least 30 mildly interesting topics. I guess it’s just that none … Continue reading

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I’m a Liar

I’m a liar. I’m not sure if I’m considered a pathological liar, but I lie way more than any person has any excuse to, unless said person is a serial killer that doesn’t want to get caught. Then it’s totally … Continue reading

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I Crave Affection Without Sex

I don’t have a strong sex drive. I never did really, even in my teenage years. It’s not that I’m against sex—not at all. It just isn’t important to me, and I don’t consider it one of my basic needs. … Continue reading

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Hello, First, let me apologize. If you’re a frequent reader of this delightful blog, you might have noticed that I haven’t been posting much of anything recently. Normally. I aim to post at least once a week as a bare … Continue reading

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If I Could Tell People How to Live Their Lives

I’m not the type to tell people what to do, and for the past few years I have made it a priority to not judge anyone for what they do, who they are, or what they desire. It was difficult … Continue reading

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