Still Drinking Year-Old Coffee Grounds!!

The title is actually not a statement on how cheap and unhygienic I am, but a nice way of saying Happy Birthday to my blog, Used Coffee Grounds! I want to give you guys a special thank you, but first let me get a little sentimental.

I fondly remember starting this blog last summer. I wrote most of my early posts while interning because I didn’t have enough work to do. The first post was terrifying to publish. I was incredibly self-conscious about the words I used, the content I chose to write about, and the timing of publication. They were my first posts, and so they would be representations of the entire blog, and they would set the stage regarding what readers would expect from me. It seemed like a make or break situation.

Fortunately for me, it really wasn’t make or break at all. One could argue that they did not affect the fate of my blog in the slightest because I did not get a single view for the first three weeks, even after publishing four posts. No likes, no comments, and only one follower (myself). It was only a little disheartening, though, because I loved writing posts. This was my chance to finally open up to the world in a way that I never really could with people close to me. I can talk about issues that matter to me, complain about awful things without offending those close to me, and connect with others who share my thoughts and ideas or have really interesting thoughts and ideas that I never would have otherwise had a chance to hear.

This has been great for me, but I still wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun without you guys, my readers. Without you, I would probably still be writing, but it would be with the shrill voice of someone trying to make contact from the bottom of a well. And I definitely would not be proofreading anything I post. You guys have been wonderful, and I really appreciate your support.

Thank you, and I’m looking forward to another year of speaking my mind and listening to all of you speak yours. *Raises mug* To us.



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2 Responses to Still Drinking Year-Old Coffee Grounds!!

  1. Happy one year blog-iversary Iris! 😀 here’s to many more blog posts! 🙂

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