Introducing Myself to the World

My first assignment for Blogging 101 is to write a post about who I am and why I’m here. I realize that after almost a year of blogging, I never really covered this topic, so here it goes.

My name is Iris. I’m 22 years old. I graduated college a month ago with a major in chemistry and minor in English, and in August I’m headed to grad school to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry. My biggest passion is pursuing knowledge, which is why I hope to become a researcher. As nerdy as it sounds, I love to learn. I also love sharing my ideas with other people, which I think is why I love writing so much. It’s also why I blog.

I started this blog last summer. I was doing an internship that mostly had me behind a desk with very little to do, and so I spent my free time writing about topics that were important to me or just tidbits from my life. My blog has devolved slightly since then to also include angry rants and the occasional sad rant. My favorite topics to write about involve promoting self-love, accepting others for who they are, and tearing down the unnecessary barriers that society places on us. I hope to dive into these topics more in the following year.

I would love to connect with anyone who has ideas to share. I know this is very vague and general, but my favorite part of WordPress other than the self-indulgence of talking about myself is reading other people’s stories and what they care about.

By next year, I’m hoping that my posts will dive deeper into the core of human nature and resonate with readers as more than just speculation. Also, I’m hoping to continue to post at least once a week despite being busy with school and whatever else.

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